We offer an extensive list of creative options to enhance your purchase of a premium quality aluminum dog crate from East Coast Crates.  


Wheel system

Heavy duty removable welded frame

5" total lock casters


Grooming arm receiver

Stainless Steel

Regular receiver     $85.00

Corner receiver     $105.00

Anodized leakproof aluminum pan

2 bowls

small (100-350)  $79.00

large (400-700)  $109.00   

Flight package

Rod Panels

Stainless Steel

Rear rod panel  price quoted

Side rod panel   price quoted


Anodized silver, brushed silver, gold, brushed gold, bronze and black

Acrylic blue, red, purple, green, orange and yellow

Grooming Top

Non slip heavy duty matting

stainless steel trim

AA-350  $145       400-700  $175

Grooming arm

Stainless steel adjustable grooming arm

Telescopes from 30" to 55"

Layback head with 2 positions

Includes leather noose


Show Package

Grooming top, grooming arm receiver, wheel system and grooming arm

small (AA-350) $549

large (400-700) $599

Mesh rod panel cover

Removable metal mesh rod panel cover for door, side or rear rod panels 

1/2" x 1/2" mesh



Custom drawers 

Prices quoted

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