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Now is the time for you to upgrade and add an exclusive East Coast Crate to your setup!
Stacking Aluminum Dog Crates

Rigid side aluminum dog crates. Optional grooming tops, grooming arm receivers and removable wheel systems. Crate, grooming table and dolly all in one ideal for dog shows and travel 

Folding Aluminum Dog Crate

Convenient collapsable aluminum dog crates. Optional grooming tops, corner stainless steel grooming arm receiver and wheel systems. Folds into 8" suitcase for dog shows, travel and compact storage

Stackable Alumium Dog Crates

Stackable solid side crates includes grooming tops on both crates, stainless steel grooming arm receiver on the top crate. 2 packs or 4 packs. Ultimate convenience at dog shows and for travel 

Aluminu Hunting Dog Boxes & Drawers

Custom dog boxes and equipment drawers for pickup trucks

Custom Aluminum Dog Crates

Custom welded frame individual crates and banks for kennels, motor homes, sprinter vans to maximize space and safety

Folding Aluminum Dog Crate and dolly

Grooming tops, grooming arm receivers. wheel systems, side door, double doors, mesh rod panel covers, grooming arms, aluminum pans, mesh floors, airline flight packages and bowls 

Aluminum Dog Show Tack Box

Robust, attractive tack boxes in 4 sizes designed to organize, store, transport and protect your valuable dog show equipment.  Check out our tailor made covers


IATA-CR82 Airline compliant shipping kennel. Includes, side rails, reinforcements, mesh door panel cover, 2 bowls

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