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Folding IATA Crate Instructions

To open:

  1. Set crate on floor top side up

  2. Open link locks by turning 90’ to left by hand (to make it easier to open crate shorten link locks to left and flatten butterfly)

  3. Lift straight up by front and rear handles allowing front and rear panel to swing down

  4. Align and tighten Dzus fasteners using dime or flat head screwdriver by turning 90’ to right


To close:

  1. Remove all items from crate (pads, pans, trays, side rails, arms, bowls). Do not attempt to fold any items inside crate

  2. Turn crate upside down

  3. Fold door first by unlocking dzus fasteners by turning 90’ to the left with dime or flat head screwdriver

  4. Allow door to fold down and in when freed from dzus fasteners 

  5. Place piece of lightweight cardboard over door before folding rear panel

  6. Unlock rear panel dzus fasteners and fold down and in on top of door panel with protective cardboard between panels

  7. Fold sides inward by hinge and collapse crate

  8. Attach link locks by first opening them to left and then attaching and closing to right and then flatten butterfly

  9. Do not attempt to force collapsing crate


To fly crate:

  1. Open crate as above

  2. Attach side and rear airline rails with dzus fasteners 

  3. Attach provided 8 nuts and bolts with 2 1/2" wrenches to render the crate non folding

  4. Attach 2 bowls to door with wing nuts provided

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