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What Makes East Coast Crates Different?

Our Vision and mission.  We are dog people, building products for dog people and as such we have a passion and unique understanding of the needs of pets and their families.   As the leader of solutions and excellence in the aluminum crate industry, we're committed to providing trusted, quality aluminum products to enhance the lives of pets and their families.

Our story.  In 1975 East Coast Crates was born in a garage on the beautiful Eastern Shore of Maryland and like many great ideas it was founded on necessity.  While training and competing in field trials with his Labs, Pete constructed his first aluminum dog crate for his own use and soon began making crates for others.


Rachel has been a breeder owner handler of top winning Afghan Hounds for over 40 years. Along the way Pete and Rachel met at a dog show and were married. Pete and Rachel's combined experience and skillset have forever changed the way people go to dog shows and travel with their dogs.


What started as a hobby has grown into the largest provider of aluminum dog crates in the country.  We are a proud and happy company employing skilled craftsmen who are passionate and colorful.   We are enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it.  Our aluminum crates and tackboxes are fully assembled and proudly handcrafted one at a time to insure the higest quality, longest lasting product to thousands of satisfied customers. 


We know you have choices and we appreciate that you have chosen an East Coast Crate. When you choose East Coast Crates you can rest assured that our products, including all components, are totally made in America.  You can also rest assured that our products are made by dog people for dog people who are as passionate about your pets as you are.  We are proud to have  an uparalleled reputation for honesty, integrity and artisan handcrafted quality. East Coast Crates is committed to enhancing the lives of pets and their families.

At East Coast Crates we believe in giving back to our community and "paying it forward".  We are a proud sponsor of Take the Lead in addition to various rescue groups and local breed clubs.  We have also donated the Best In Show trophies for the AKC show in Orlando. 

We make no false claims and will stand behind our products for life. We strive for excellence in all we do and If we ever fail to meet your expectations we will do everything possible to make things right.  

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