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"how we do what we do and why we do it"

  • All East Coast Crates are expertly hand crafted for maximum strength and durability out of the highest quality anodized aluminum and critical components such as rivets, hinge, trim, haps, rods, nuts and bolts are made out of stainless steel.  Aluminum is durable, cool, lightweight, rustproof. Anodizing the aluminum eliminates oxidation, discoloration and coat residue and at the same time holds up to heavy usage. Anodizing is the marine and aircraft industry standard to finish raw aluminum that is exposed to moisture. Only the highest quality aluminum can be anodized.  It will not crack, chip, peel or add unnecessary weight and allows for the addition of critical stainless steel components unlike cheaper but inferior methods such as powder coating.  Our crates are built to last a lifetime and have a LIFETIME WARRANTY.   Beware of false claims regarding military dog crates  East Coast Crates is proud to be the ONLY aluminum crate manufacturer approved by the GSA to sell crates to US military. Beware of false claims regarding crash testing especially claims of in house crash testing and secret tests. If a crate has been tested and passed by CPS it will be certified with a rating.  If a crate has not been tested it is not an indication of whether or not the crate is safe.  It just means it wasn't included in the study however advertising a crate that was failed testing is CPS certified is false advertising as are claims that a crate was tested and results are a secret.


  • We always strive to stay cutting edge and while we are eager to incorporate new technology and designs, we will not sacrifice the safety and quality of our aluminum dog crates.  We use stainless steel rivets, trim, hinge, nuts, bolts and rods exclusively.  Stainless steel can not be powdercoated hence any powdercoated crate does not have these essential components to insure strength and durability. We will also not replace the rivets with glue because the glue will loosen over time especially when exposed to moisture and ammonia (urine).  Each East Coast Crate aluminum dog crate and Tack Box is meticulously hand finished.  All edges are turned and hand deburred insuring there are no sharp edges inside or out to pull hair or injure your dog.  High quality products and true craftsmanship take more time and effort. The superior result and benefits you will receive from our extra work is well worth it. 

Josh & Clint


  • Our airline compliant dog crates have a unique double paneled door, finished inside and out that is by far the safest design on the market and comes standard with solid stainless steel rods for maximum ventilation and strength. Included in all our IATA CR82 compliant crates we have a built in aluminum mesh door panel cover than insures no paws or noses can protrude.  We use the highest quality spring loaded metal door fasteners that can not jiggle open during travel or loosen with usage.  Our superior fasteners combined with our stainless steel hasp secure your dog like no other dog crate available.

  • No protrusions or sharp edges inside crate to injure your dog. This is not only an airline requirement but common sense.  All edges are turned, hand finished and smooth.  We use externally mounted handles front and rear for maximum safety for both your dog and yourself. We do not use recessed parts such as handles because they cause internal protrusions causing a safety hazard. Our handles are ergonomically mounted front and rear insuring proper body mechanics when handling and moving the crates preventing unnecessary back strain. 

  • 2 externally mounted metal spring loaded door closures and stainless steel hasp insures maximum safety and security.  The airlines require 2 preferably 3 secure door closures mounted on the outside of the door. This is also common sense.  Our door closures are mounted on the outside so there are no protrusions into the crate and can be easily opened in an emergency, unlike slam latches mounted internally which when jammed either need to be pushed in harder to open or a crowbar to remove the door to get your pet out.  

  • Our crates are a true rectangle and will not tip over if the dog stands up and shifts his weight. Plastic dog crates by design have an unequal weight distribution. Our premium quality and design will maximize your pets safety. Please read through our many satisfied customer testimonials.

  • Raised reinforced floors.  Our crates are not merely a metal box sitting on the floor.  The floor is raised 1" off the ground so there is no direct temperature transfer from hot pavement or cold concrete.  The entire floor is reinforced with runners providing a frame that is designed to withstand tremendous force and protect your dog in an accident.

  • Round ventilation holes insure maximum strength and integrity of sheet aluminum.  Squares and diamond cuts in the metal have an angle that decrease the integrity and strength of the sheet aluminum and are potential areas of stress cracking and tearing especially when placed too close together.  Heat rises so any ventilation holes on the bottom of the crate is not only unnecessary they are a potential safety hazard for toes and tails and allow more dirt into the crate.  

  • Our wheel systems are welded aluminum angle with high quality 6" total lock ball bearing wheels weighted for 800lbs.  Our wheel systems are designed with even weight distribution and will not tip over if your dog shifts weight or steps to front of crate unlike wheel systems with small low quality wheels mounted well beneath the crate causing an unsafe weight distribution and potential tip over. 

  • Anodized aluminum is a smooth nonporous material that can be thoroughly disinfected to protect your dog from communicable disease unlike wood and powder coated kennels that can harbor germs. 


  • Crates with grooming top and Dolly are a self contained dog show  and shipping crate, grooming table and dolly all rolled into one.  The top of the crate doubles as a grooming table and the surface is made of heavy duty cushioned matting that will last a lifetime while providing a comfortable, slip proof flooring for your dog.  It will provide the maximum in convenience at the shows by eliminating the need for extra equipment such as separate grooming tables and dolly's.  


  • Collapsible and Lightweight:  At East Coast Crates we make "ultralight"  folding dog crate constructed out of strong finished aluminum.  Our "ultralight" folding dog crate surpasses all other brands in design, construction and convenience folding into a compact suitcase and come standard with your choice of anodized finish or acrylic color. 


  • Crate Dolly:  Our dolly's are a custom fitted, easily removable Wheel System constructed from anodized aluminum square tubing welded into a fitted frame that aligns, attaches and detaches easily to the crate with stainless steel link locks eliminating unsafe bungee cords.  Unlike any other wheel system our dolly's come with heavy duty extra large 6" locking full-swivel total lock wheels to enable ease of mobility and movement over gravel, grass as well as concrete.  Our wheel systems are designed to stow neatly and securely on top of the crate.  


  • Stack Sets:  Our aluminum stacking dog crates are the ultimate in convenience at dog shows and you will not know how you lived without them.  They consist of 2 fully independent crates that align, attach and detach easily utilizing stainless steel link locks and come standard with a soft cushioned grooming top on each crate and a stainless steel grooming arm receiver on the top crate.  With a fitted attachable wheel system our stacking dog crates allow you to take your dogs, crates and grooming equipment directly to the ringside and are a perfect grooming height to do expert ringside preparation for a successful and stress-free dog show experience. 


  • Aluminum Tack Boxes:  Our innovative line of metal Tack Boxes are expertly designed with an efficient use of space and multiple fully finished high end drawers and compartments to organize, protect and transport all your valuable grooming tools so they are readily available when you need them.  They are tall enough to hold all your aerosols and spray bottles fully upright preventing spills.  Our Tack boxes are like non other and available in a wide selection of anodized and acrylic colors and tailor made tack box covers.  We offer 4 sizes that coordinate and attach securely to our crates and stack sets for the ultimate in ease loading and unloading your equipment at the shows. 



  • At East Coast Crates all our aluminum dog crates and aluminum tack boxes are meticulously hand made and hand finished at our own facility.  You have the luxury to select unique unlimited customization of crate sizes, design options, and custom crate colors to fit your specific needs and taste.  We make break down crates, side door crates, double door crates, slant sided crates, and add extra ventilation rods to sides and back. If you need extra storage space we can even make custom drawers to lock onto our crates.  East Coast Crates specialize in making extra large dog crates for giant dogs and international travel.  Ask about our custom dog crates and welded custom dog crate banks for kennels, motor homes, box trucks, renegades and sprinter vans to meet the needs of the professional handler and serious exhibitor.  We also specialize in aluminum hunting dog crates and aluminum dog boxes for your pickup truck to provide safety and comfort for your performance dogs and quality and convenience for the well equipped sports enthusiast.   We specialize in housing difficult dogs with separation anxiety that injure themselves in wire and plastic crates with custom problem solving solutions such as stainless steel spinners on the doors and a variety of modifications that will safely house your dog and at the same time help eliminate undesired behavior.


ALUMINUM FINISHES:  Advantages of Anodizing vs. Powdercoating;

  • Aluminum is a wonderful product for dog crates and superior to plastic dog kennels and wooden dog kennels.   Aluminum is strong, lightweight, cool, non-absorbent, and will not rust.  Anodizing is a chemical electrical process that actually instills the finish into the metal rather than on the surface of the metal. The aluminum is placed in a tank and electrically charged for a period of time. The result is a non toxic permanent harder finish that does not add any weight to the crate, will look new year after year, and will never rub, chip or peel off. Anodizing is the marine and aircraft industry standard used commercially for finishing aluminum products that come in contact with moisture such as airline materials and components, shower door and window trim, garden equipment, and marine equipment and is regarded as the industry standard to protect aluminum.

  • Unfinished aluminum will tarnish and oxidize causing residue to rub off and discolor your dog and your clothing and there are a variety of methods available to prevent coat rub off such as anodozing and powdercoating   All aluminum finishes can scratch if treated roughly.  Raw untreated aluminum crates used to be simply painted on the inside to prevent the residue from rubbing off on your dog but this quickly wore off and you were back down to the raw aluminum.  

  • ​Powdercoating is a process in which the metal is painted and the thick surface is baked on but can crack, chip and peel when applied to flexible sheet aluminum especially with exposure to moisture. Powdercoating is heavy and can add 10-12 additional lbs to the crate.   Powdercoating can be used on inferior quality metal and can not be used on stainless steel.

  • East Coast Crates will never use the inferior method of powdercoating because we stand by our products and expect your investment to last a lifetime.  

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