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 Dog Crate Reviews & Testimonials

Pictured below are a few of our many satisfied customers

Jimmy Moses, Lenny Brown, and Vanessa Fleming
Professional Handlers

from left to right:

Lenny Brown and Border Collie - Ch. Borderfame Spellbound - #3 Herding Dog in 2005 
Vanessa Fleming and West Highland White Terrier - Ch. Coblershil MacDeisel - #2 West Highland White Terrier in 2005 
James Moses and German Shepherd Dog - Can GV. Sel. Ch. Kaleefs Geneva Aeval-Achtung

"East Coast Crates are the highest quality crates I have seen. I have over a half million miles on my black East Coast Crate and it is still as safe and strong as the day I bought it. I will not use any other crates for my dogs." 

                                                            James Moses

Don't settle for anything less. Use the best - East Coast Crates - Manufacturers of the finest anodized aluminum crates - each handcrafted to your specifications.

Aluminum Dog Crate Reviews

"Thanks for getting my order out on-time.  Rod"

Rod Ramsour

RiverRidge Rottweilers

2305 SE 9TH Ave

Portland, Oregon 97214

Per Wallstrom
CH Villa's Cruella At Dizzny   

Old English Sheepdog
 #1 All Breeds Sweden 2008
Group Winner Crufts 2009

Suzie and Jorge Oliveros
Professional Handlers

Bryan Martin
Professional Handler

Jane Meyer
Professional Handler

Kathy Kirk
Professional Handler

Westminster BIS Winner


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Please call ECC at 1-800-253-3202 or 706-232-1618 or at cell 706-409-4487 for information or to place an order. Or email us at PeteECCrates@aol.com or RachelECCrates@aol.com. We look forward to helping you!!

Our crates are available in many colors and feature  Options such as drawers, grooming surface, wheels, and more!

Please watch our youtube crate and tackbox video 1 or  video 2 to see more fantastic detail of East Coast Crates at Eric Salas